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Utilise our intelligent marketing to engage with your audience

We are Marketing Consulting experts, improving performance and increasing profits. And we make this process as straightforward as possible so that our clients can see tangible, sustainable growth.

We believe intelligent marketing is the key to success. We are experts in this field, improving performance and increasing profits. And we don’t make this process unnecessarily complicated, we simply aim to deliver tangible, sustainable growth that will put your business one step ahead of the competition.

By outsourcing to us here at Redwire, you can turn any project into success with our in-depth market research, competitor analysis, brand marketing and the insight and intelligence of the best in the business.

We are renowned for delivering extraordinary results so whatever your aims, be they reduced costs, increased efficiency, improved technology, fundamental changes to your organisation, gaining competitive advantage, improving performance… we’ll provide the solutions.

Our commitment to building transformational brands and marketing programmes is unparalleled. From conception to implementation, your Redwire Marketing Consulting team will work alongside you to meet, and exceed, your objectives.

We’ve been successfully providing Marketing Consulting Services both in Nigeria, and globally, for the last xx years. The passion we put into our work is contagious and our high-profile clients have come to expect the expertise, insights, intelligence and execution that we provide.

Marketing Consulting

Let’s help you unlock the potential of your business through creative programs that arrest the attention of, and build enduring relationships with your customers.
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Insights & Intelligence

At Redwire, ”Intelligent Marketing” always begins with unearthing the key insights that drive decision-making. This is because we believe that for businesses to grow sustainably, they must understand their customers as well as the customers understand themselves.
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Brand Design

At Redwire, we understand that brands live in all the senses of your customers and people. Our job therefore is to combine the rigours of science with creative excellence to evolve a resonant brand that connects emotionally.
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If you’re looking for outsourcing companies in Nigeria, talk to us here at Redwire. Once we’ve established your needs, a strategically chosen team of marketing professionals will work alongside you to deliver results, on time and on budget.
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