Winifred Amase is a Creative Designer in the Brand and Communications Design team at Redwire Marketing Consulting

She absolutely loves Designing as a whole and sees herself in her chosen field for a very long time. She received her Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Information and Communication Engineering from Covenant University. She began her career in Front End development at a reputable company. In 2017, while working on the design of the Nigerian Graduate Report by Stutern, she entertained the thought of switching from being a Front End Developer to a Designer. In 2018, she made the thought a reality and has not looked back since. Her coding skills do come in quite handy once in a while.

Winifred has since gone on to design for different brands and visual interfaces for websites. She is enthusiastic about her job and it shows in how she readily takes on new tasks and challenges herself to always find solutions.

Winifred teaches design on a platform called Skillshare and shares some of her works on Behance and Dribbble. She enjoys reading, watching K-dramas or ticking items of her adventure list by climbing mountains and hiking when she is not designing.