Helping to Resolve a Social Problem

Young Business Leaders of Nigeria


The Young Business Leaders of Nigeria (YBLN) is a growing network of young entrepreneurs and job-creators established in 2015 to tackle the rising rate of unemployment amongst Nigerian youths aged (18-35), most especially the Northern parts of the country where unemployment rates are highest. The program targets entrepreneurs to create jobs and helps unemployed young persons take up the jobs that have been created by the entrepreneurs. As a cause that is close to our hearts, one of the biggest challenges was creating awareness and organically building the network.

What did we do?
We designed the brand and established the framework for the organization to operate. Part of our strategy was also creating communications material to introduce the brand and organically grow its membership amongst target demographics. As the network continues to grow and different initiatives occur on a yearly basis, we continue to run campaigns through use of all communication platforms to maintain awareness of the organizations efforts and initiatives. One of the most important things we have been able to do for this client is also create and build a database of entrepreneurs, unemployed and employed youths as well build a network in which these youths are able to interact and share business ideas and advice with one another.

The Redwire team helped establish and launch the brand through a series of well-received launch events. The team also contributes its time and resources to helping the organization achieve its objectives. Through our integrated communications campaign, we helped the network accelerate the businesses of 60 entrepreneurs, establish a core network of 4,831 active budding entrepreneurs who support each other’s businesses. The wider Young Business Leaders network also registered 41,250 members as a December 2017 and continues to grow.