Designing A Festival of Seafood in Nigeria's Commercial Capital

Seafood Festival


The Lagos State Ministry for Agriculture had conceived an idea for a yearly event that would harness the potential of the Agro-business sector in the State, but were unsure of how to design, develop and deploy the strategy and resources for the long-term sustainability and value of the project.

Redwire Marketing was commissioned to craft and execute a marketing and communications strategy that would convert the initial idea into a marketing asset for Government, Stakeholders and consumers.

What We Did
The Redwire team drew on its extensive experience from various projects within our portfolio to develop the concept of the Festival. Once a strategy framework was in place, the team assisted the client in setting up a project team to oversee the execution of the strategy across components such as communications, stakeholder engagement and event planning. We designed and prepared a sponsorship packet as well as brand identity for the event. We also leveraged our relationships to reach a wider network of sponsors to help generate funds for the Festival.

Redwire Marketing helped the client stimulate the seafood and agriculture industry over the period of the festival. The Festival was a huge success, surpassing fund-raising targets by over 80% and engaging a healthy crowd of residents. Over 200 indigenous fisher-folk had free access to a free market to display and sell their wares, generating revenues for local communities and seafood farmers. The Festival also featured quality entertainment that engaged a distinct audience comprising all of the family. The full day event provided tourists an outlet to recreate and engage


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