Connecting Citizens with their Government

Information for Development


The “Information for Development” Project is an initiative of a state government in Nigeria that was commissioned to collect relevant data and information (from residents of the state) on the state of infrastructure as well as the needs of the citizens of the state. The state government sought to establish direct communications between the people and their government, to understand the infrastructure gaps from the perspective of the citizens and also to collect vital socio-economic data and information that would be used for planning the next budgeting cycle.

What We Did
The government department in charge of the project briefed us on the scope of the project and requested that we design and implement an effective communications plan to connect the project with its core targets. We began the task by naming the project “Information for Development” and created a brand around its key objectives to communicate its ideals to the state’s residents. We then conducted dipstick surveys to establish the key themes upon which our communications would be anchored.

We designed a visually compelling brand that immediately connected the project idea and positioning to the target audience. We also used strong and vivid images to draw our targets into conversation. We deployed the communications across various media channels, including offline and online platforms. Over 3 months, our communications helped enable a glitch-free data collection process that reached over 30,000 residents. Field workers easily approached their targets using offline communications manuals we deployed to support their field operations. All required data was successfully collected, warehoused and analysed without any issues between the government and its residents.


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