Quantifying the Contribution of the Football League to the Nigerian Economy

League Management Company


The League Management Company (LMC) is the body charged with the responsibility of organising, managing and ensuring the growth of the Nigerian Professional Football League, the highest level of the Nigerian Football league system for the Nigerian Club-football Championships. The organisation is largely responsible for the reforms and rapid development of the League in Nigeria and has vastly improved the quality of the game across the country.

What We Did
The LMC’s contributions in reforming the League has been immense, and they approached us to independently and objectively assess just how far reaching its reforms have been to the Nigerian economy. Our discovery process involved deconstructing the League as a “football-first” platform and examining it through the lens of the myriad industries associated with it. This allowed us benchmark its performance against that of other Leagues across the world and generate a true reflection of its true impact and what it needed to do to make more impactful contributions to the Nigerian economy.

All of the insights, recommendations and actions plans were delivered in a well-researched, beautifully designed document that the client was pleased with. The document was easy to read, handy and the quality of information was adjudged by recipients of the work to be insightful.


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