Taking "Eso" Global



Eso is a new and ambitious women’s fashion brand that produces ready-to-wear outfits for the modern Nigerian woman. Eso is a “feminine-forward” and socially conscious brand, with an elevated sense of aesthetic. Established in Lagos, Nigeria, Eso produces high-quality fashion outfits using superior quality fabric that is sourced from the best suppliers around the world and produced in high-end factories in Lagos, the fashion capital of Nigeria. The “Eso Woman” is strong and fun, sophisticated but adventurous.

What We Did
Our brief was to create a potential high fashion brand, one that visually expresses its creativity and sophistication. To embody the qualities of the “Eso Woman”, we created a series of options that used really vibrant shape forms and a very bold colour palette to signify the innovation the company intends to employ in delivering its products and services.

The Results
We delivered everything that this new ambitious business required within record time. Deliverables include a new brand name, logo, identity, ecommerce website design, as well as a complimentary start-up marketing toolkit to support their business.


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