Naming, Designing & Marketing A Boutique Dental Practice



DentAlley is a new technology-driven dental clinic based in the heart of Bayswater, London. The firm provides quality dental care for patients of all ages, general dentistry, braces, and facial aesthetics DentAlley is dedicated to providing excellence in dentistry. Combining Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants and Orthodontics, we’ve been named amongst the Best Dental clinics in London a as testimony to our innovation, culture and care. Dentalley’s services include family & paediatric dentistry, preventive dentistry, dental therapy, cosmetic dentistry, specialist dental care and dental surgery amongst others.

What We Did
DentAlley is an ambitious business and their brief was simple: to design a smart and efficient brand strategy and corporate identity that propels the clinic to success in the short and medium term. We engaged with the team through a series of workshops to articulate a vision, mission and values of the clinic. We took the outcomes from the workshops to create a brand logo that will become a symbol of dental health and protection.

The Results
We delivered a coherent brand strategy that supports a series of visually appealing designs and creatives. The new identity is descriptive of the services and it’s bold colour palette seeks to demonstrate DentAlley’s expertise and unique passion for excellence. We also extended the brand to their head office as well as slew of marketing and sales collateral.


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