Creating the Framework for a Government Corporation

Delta State Government


The newly elected government of Delta State is passionate about creating value for its citizens and required a plan to enable it greatly improve the state of its environment and its environmental policies. The government also needed to enhance its civic beautification systems and regenerate various parts of its key cities.

What We Did
We began by exploring the depths of the capital city and obtaining key insights into ways to achieve the states objectives, without burdening the citizens with new tax implications or other hidden charges. The findings enabled us uncover previously untapped opportunities, ready to be harnessed by the state in collaboration with private sector partners. We helped create the framework for the establishment of a government corporation, ensuring that all relevant stakeholders were well represented in its enabling legislation. Our breadth of experience allowed us design a system to establish the corporation with minimal investments from the State Government, freeing up resources for the administrations deployment for other salient purposes.

The corporation was successfully launched and continues to deliver on its objectives and provide value for the residents and all stakeholders within the state.


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