Michael is an artist in the true sense, interested in arts and designs and its influence on human interactions. He is a 3D design specialist, art director and a contemporary illustrator.

At Redwire, the Griff is responsible for generating visually stimulating concepts for our clients who require illustration, graphics design and product design services. His work on the Tank brand for Somner Technologies has been nominated for numerous awards in the product design category.

Griff studied applied and visual communications at Turin Polytechnic, Turin, Italy and is currently undergoing training at Atelier School ov Visual Art, Design & Life, Barcelona, Spain.

He served as a junior designer in LoewCo and spent 3 years as Art Director at Ingénue. He has worked as a freelance illustrator for many advertising agencies in Italy and Spain, providing illustration, graphics design, web design and product design services.

An avid fan of FC Barcelona, Griff loves football and can be seen playing the beautiful game at weekends.